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Subject:  Re: Tear That Lady Down, Boys! Date:  10/31/2013  8:29 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  1907887 of 2207718

Let's try to remember that what we have is closest to the Republican vision (the Heritage Institute and Mitt Romney) rather than the Democratic vision (single payer.)

What a crock of manure

In a thread that should shame all Democrats, but of course they are incapable of shame

Dems are such sleaze they likely do not even recognize what they do

Would a man have taken any less abuse? Only a sleazeball would actually think so and make this a gender issue. The lack of a shame response really stops any rational dialogue.

It was a Republican plan?

Wow another attack of the sleaze. If a Republican plan is why this was instituted the Dems made it all theirs. Did America refuse totally to accept a Dem plan? I do not know. I only saw one lying Presided od one plan whose implementation had Republicans totally shut out.

These arguments from Dems are thoroughly disgusting

This is what Dems chose to do, and in FACT had to bribe fellow Dems to go along with.

This is NOT the Republican plan, ad lying all day might work, but it will still be lying.

I know Dems do not believe it, but it is actually true, that if you get away with lies, you are still a liar. I know you in particular, but Dems in general beleive if you lie and the press goes along it becomes truth and anyone not going along with your lie becomes a liar

It doesn't work that way. Even if you get away with and profit from a lie, you are still a liar

Further, as a group you are making a mistake that will bite you along with the rest of us, which is why we care, we could no longer care at all about you, we will get hurt.

You are in bed with liars. They have told you they will take care of you )aside from parsing what take care of means) you should be very wary, they are lying to everyone, you know that, because no one is that dumb, yet you believe they do this lying just for you

No they lie for them, you are useful idiots, and you know it, is not now the time to act less stupid and demand better.
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