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Subject:  Re: Never say die. Attack on Obama(care) Date:  10/31/2013  9:42 AM
Author:  richieds Number:  1907913 of 2211033

"If you think the reason there are so many problems rolling out the ACA is even remotely his fault, you are just not thinking it through."

Well, for a second, Imagine what you'd be saying if the president's name was George Bush.

One of the major problems was the decision (not the fault of the techies) at the last moment to not allow browsing prices without registration.
That had the earmarks of a political decision meant to deter potential purchasers from sticker shock before seeing potential tax credits. Where did that decision come from?

You also have Obama's ill advised comments about keeping your plan. I understand what he meant at the time but those words have come back to haunt him and rather than go for sound bites, he should have been giving a full explanation at the time of just what might occur to some plans.

I think he spent too much time worying about GOP opposition and not enough time explaining exactly what his plan entails.

"He has the health insurance industry working against him, The entire GOP working against him, and the right wing media highlighting every non-perfect action while minimizing every achievement."

Was he expecting something different when he took office? Was he ever under any delusion as to what the GOP would do to stop the ACA?

Sorry Poz, this ball was dropped. I still believe the ACA will take hold and 10 years from now be a mainstay of our financial system but the implementation was a disaster and reeks of incompetence.
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