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Subject:  Re: I'll never be fashionable... Date:  10/31/2013  10:10 AM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  877683 of 902156

Get a bag that does the job, for the lowest cost possible. Don't worry about what your (mostly broke) friends and (mostly broke) co-workers think.

Do you carry a bag? Then how do you know what "job" it's supposed to do?

If purses were about simple functionality, most people would carry a grocery bag, or wear a fanny pack, or something else, and have done.

For different people, purses mean a lot of different things.

Your presumption that part of the "job" isn't appearance or label is, well, presumptuous.

My wife and I are multi-millionaires.

You've mentioned. Oh, you've mentioned. Over and over and over. Congratulations.

You've also put down every possible luxury or enjoyment that ANYONE on this board has ever had.

We're all quite pleased that you've managed to amass a sum of money that none of us can possibly avoid knowing you have, all while being utterly unimpressed by absolutely anything in the world either owned by someone else or provided to you on someone else's dime.

You've disparaged going out to dinner, wine, all other forms of luxury goods, fashion, many forms of technology, and plenty of other things that make other people happy.

This is, once again, the "L"BYM board.

If you have the "M" and it contributes to the "L" why do we need to drag it into the depths of despair and stomp on it?

This may be a surprise to you, but you won't live forever, and no, you really *can't* take it with you.


... of the shocking, shocking excess of occasionally being at a restaurant for which I will actually pay the check, taking vacations, and sending her kids to expensive day camp, and other craziness, which I *balance* by cutting back in other areas.
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