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Subject:  Expertopia Date:  10/31/2013  11:45 AM
Author:  katinga Number:  703304 of 794748

In Expertopia, you make unfortunate but necessary trade-offs, like making some people pay more for worse insurance in order to help others pay less for better insurance. But there’s no need to say so, loudly and often, because the trade-offs are obvious -- hardly worth mentioning, even. Maybe you make an offhand reference once or twice, just to keep your bases covered, or maybe you forget. It doesn’t matter much, one way or the other, because how on earth could you think that everyone was going to get to pay less for better insurance? I mean, we’re talking basic math here.

We forget that when millions of people hear the president say that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” and “premiums will fall by $2,500 for the average family,” they don’t listen with a wry smile. They don’t write it off as understandable hyperbole from a president who is working to pass a great law wit