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Subject:  Re: Expertopia Date:  10/31/2013  12:34 PM
Author:  THEMATHISNEAR Number:  703327 of 875586

That’s what Democrats are now experiencing. It’s kind of surprising, in fact, that not everyone knew this was going to happen.

Well, I would argue that there is a VAST difference between Democrats causing a major clusterf### and actually being held accountable for it. Every one of the regular posters here knew that Zerocare wouldn't work, because it can't. You can't make things more affordable by adding previously-uninsurable people to the risk pool and requiring coverage people don't want in order to pick their pocket to pay for said previously-uninsurable people.

However, the regular posters here are justifiably skeptical that the jagbags who caused this mess (and given that it was passed without a single Republican vote, it's not hard to figure out) will actually have to answer for it. The MSM has been covering up every other lie by Zero, so why should we not expect them to do the same now?

The standard pattern is:
1) Claim the problem doesn't exist.
2) Claim that if the problem exists, it's the fault of Republicans.
3) If the public won't accept that the Republicans are at fault, say that 'no one is more upset' than Zero.
4) Claim that Zero is working on a solution, and simply needs time.
5) Set a deadline by which the problems will be fixed.
6) Call anyone who complains after the deadline a racist and a terrorist who wants Americans to die so that the Koch Brothers can get a bigger tax break.
7) Claim that 'everyone knew' that the problem would exist.
8) Claim that the problem is so big that the only thing that will solve it is another trillion dollars.
9) Send Harry 'Fecal Matter for Brains' Reid out to call Republicans hostage-taking terrorists that only want Zero to fail when they object to another trillion dollars being thrown down the rathole.
10) Declare that the money will be wisely spent, and that Zero has another program that will help, if only the racist, hateful, mean-spirited Republicans will get on board.

Let's see how closely this debacle follows the pattern.
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