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Subject:  Re: Never say die. Attack on Obama(care) Date:  10/31/2013  12:47 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1908006 of 2207237

The ACA will, for the first time in my adult lifetime finally be based on the ability to competitively shop. The GOP House tried better than 40 times to repeal it in the last year alone. They wouldn't engage in that kind of repeated effort unless their paymasters wanted it repealed. Their paymasters in this case are the insurance industry, the same industry that fought Hillary 20 years ago, and fought so hard and spent so many millions to stop it from becoming law and who financed appeal to the supreme court level.

What a pantload. One day a left wing argument will appear that won't rely on impugning the motives of their opponents.

ACA DOES NOT provide the "ability to comparatively shop". Why? Because the freaking mandates force everybody to offer roughly the same level of coverage in whatever tiers the government decides. Well, who made the government the authority here? They don't know anything. Who made them the arbiter of what a "good" plan is?

Face it. They've fracked up the entire insurance market for literally every man, woman and child in the United States. It's now worse and MORE expensive.

Congratulations, liberals.
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