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Subject:  Re: FOX "News" Knows Wazzup Date:  10/31/2013  12:58 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  703337 of 794717

"France runs a multi-payer system that is UHC. It is rated #1 in the world in terms of providing healthcare. And it costs 40% LESS (per capita, in real terms) than what the per capita US cost is currently. Thus, it is the system that is broken in the US--otherwise, the US would be competitive in price as well. "

But peek under the hood.

France has staggering tax loads on middle class folks. gas, is ,what , $8 or $9 gallon by design (taxes).

People's disposable income is very limited.

People live in smaller houses crammed together for the most part.

Entire parts of cities now are run by islam-oh gangs and gangsters unsafe to even drive it.

Unemployment is high.

Ya know, other than arabic oriented muslims crowding in, I don't see anyone anywhere running the borders into France trying to get into that socialist paradise!

Companies are fleeing and jobs are vanishing with the high taxes and low productivity. Major companies are shutting down and laying off tens of thousand