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Subject:  Re: Never say die. Attack on Obama(care) Date:  10/31/2013  2:19 PM
Author:  richieds Number:  1908046 of 2015895

"Third, single most devastating attack on American soil"

Interesting. Someone who doesn't see Obama as having any blame for the rollout of his signature plan 5 years into his presidency, sees Bush as being to blame for 9/11, some 6 months or so after coming into office.

You are, pretty much, proving my point which was simply that if Bush was president during this rollout, you'd be blaming him very step of the way.

"Fourth, economy in freefall after 8 years of his policies."

Are there specific policies, implemented by Bush, that you feel were responsible for the economic freefall?
I can make a better argument that it was the Bush/Paulson team that saved the country from a depression with kudos to Obama for continuing those policies against GOP opposition.

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