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Subject:  Re: Nov 30 is the new deadline Date:  10/31/2013  2:35 PM
Author:  MotleyFooley Number:  1908051 of 2206939

Hawkwin: "They did, July 17th. Where were you when this was going on?

If you listen to the current testimony, some of the questions have been about why HHS was not truthful this summer when they reported to Congress on the progress of ACA."

What part of the testimony from your link wasn't truthful? All that was said in July was that testing was progressing on various aspects, and other testing was expected to be completed by August. It didn't say everything was 100% perfect and error-free.

If you're familiar with testing IT systems, after getting to 95% complete, the last 5% of testing can be the most difficult and time consuming. It's like when you install software on your computer: that little progress bar goes and goes and goes and then.............stalls. For awhile. And you contemplate stopping it, or rebooting your computer because you think the installation has hung up for some reason. And then it starts again. Is the software installation program being "untruthful" to you when it displays information in that way?

"Additionally, you put this on Congress but I ask the same question, if this was so important to Obama, why did he not demo it prior to it going live?

I'm not "putting this on Congress". You pointed to a meeting on July 17 where the website was discussed. After that meeting, Congress voted or took other actions to repeal the law several times. They obviously thought it was a good idea to take the time to try to get the law repealed, even though they knew it wasn't going to happen. That might have been productive politically, but it certainly didn't reflect any concerns about the status of the website or the testing of same, making their current outrage over the status of the website disingenuous at best.

Lastly, maybe Obama did test it or get a demo of it. Whether he did or not, he's not the one calling for hearings about why it hasn't been 100% perfect and error-free from the very start.

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