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Subject:  Re: Never say die. Attack on Obama(care) Date:  10/31/2013  4:19 PM
Author:  PosFCF Number:  1908095 of 2203871

Interesting. Someone who doesn't see Obama as having any blame for the rollout of his signature plan 5 years into his presidency, sees Bush as being to blame for 9/11, some 6 months or so after coming into office.

8 months, not 6. The rollout is not over, it has met unprecedented resistance and is the first of its size ever attempted in the computer age.

I'm not saying that there are not problems. What I am attempting to do is apportion responsibility for what is going wrong and that responsibility rests not with just Obama or Sebellius. If, disillusioned by Bush you were looking for something superhuman from Obama I would suggest you will find it not in any man or woman.

Keep in mind that getting healthy people signed up is paramount and while there is plenty of time to enroll IF it's fixed by Dec. 1, it's hard to deny that the numbers are likely to be a lot lower than hoped for some time.

I understood the sign-up period was until April 1,2014 with the first day of the sign up being October 1st, 2014. I have signed up. So I only have my own story to go by.

Healthy people will do what is in their economic best interest to do. That, for the first time in many of their lives is to shop for health insurance. They will find plans more expensive than the one they currently have and ones much less so. But sign up, glitches or no, they will. If they don't, their employers will because employers will have an opportunity to shop where they never qualified for group rate plans before. Even some of the monster employers are onboard (IBM, WAG) because being able to shop is free market capitalism, an aspect to health care insurance that has been absent for decades.

Are there specific policies, implemented by Bush, that you feel were responsible for the economic freefall?

Absolutely: he cut the budgets of the regulatory agencies and put in charge of those agencies people who did not believe in the mission statement, but rather, believed in letting business do business. If that is what you think free market capitalism is, then what Paulson did was exactly wrong. Nobody should have stepped in and saved the bad decision-makers from themselves.

What we got instead was what was known as moral hazard: privatize profits while making the taxpayer pay for all losses.

Have you ever had to apply for health insurance for someone else? It is worse than full document mortgage applications. Now you want to implement a system like that for 100,000,000 million people and expect it to be perfect from the first flick of a switch?

My guess is that they will finally blend some of the Medicare software over to help with the job, but that's just a guess.

Good luck with your looking for Mr. Goodbar. Bush was really bad, Obama is too much of an idealist too soon after Bush, and I don't know who would be next. If it is a member from the Group of Pirhanas (GOP) they will finish off the US economy and, quite suddenly budget deficits won't matter any more; if it is a Dem, it will be more scorched earth GOP policy.

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