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Subject:  Re: I'll never be fashionable... Date:  10/31/2013  5:02 PM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  877692 of 902483

Dad passed away in June and mom and dad are also multi millionaires (although THEY never, ever talk about money, let alone brag about it). In talking to mom last week, she said that although they did travel, they never splurged. On cruise ships they booked cheap, windowless rooms. They always flew coach on very early or very late flights, took buses, stayed in cheap hotel rooms, etc. She did express that they were so used to being frugal that they never stopped even when they could afford it. She wishes they would have lived it up more, while dad was here to enjoy it.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Some years ago, I had learned a lesson from a boss of mine. He had retired, and finally, finally, had started to open up and enjoy life, just a bit. He was traveling to spend more time with his grandson, like that.

Two months after his retirement, he had a stroke in his sleep and never woke again. I was devastated to hear of it... he had retired relatively late because he was always trying to put away just a *little* more... and never lived to enjoy it. That's where I decided I wanted to do some living, even if it meant that I was saving less than I could (though not less than what I thought I needed to).

I am not big on stuff, myself, but I do absolutely love to have experiences. I love to go on vacations, and when we do, I'd rather have one of shorter duration that allows us to do something fabulous than do things as cheaply as possible and not really get to create the memories I would like to have.

I think there has to be a balance. I would love to be a multi-millionaire, but not at the cost of other things in my life. I don't know if I will be a multi-millionaire at the end of it all, but I make photobooks to capture the travels I take with my family. When I look at those, I don't regret that I spent the money at all.

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