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Subject:  Re: FOX "News" Knows Wazzup Date:  10/31/2013  7:21 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  703419 of 794346

France runs a multi-payer system that is UHC. It is rated #1 in the world in terms of providing healthcare. And it costs 40% LESS (per capita, in real terms) than what the per capita US cost is currently. Thus, it is the system that is broken in the US--otherwise, the US would be competitive in price as well.

1HF:Oh Gees, not another naive comparison between the US and a member state of the EU. If you can't see that this is an apples-to-oranges comparison, you need to consult an optometrist or maybe an ophthalmalogist about your chronic myopia"

What the libs never tell you is that in France, the tax burden from the government is 46%. That is 46% of your income disappears in state taxes DIRETLY.

That 18 or 20% Value Add tax on everything you buy. On entertainment. On new cars. On household goods. On travel. On hotels and meals out. On necessities.

Plus $8-9/gal a gas prices!....almost 3 times ours!

Most French drive teeny cars, and live in teeny apartments and houses because that is all they can afford.

Yeah....the claimed cost of their health care is low.... but of course, it all comes out of the same government pot. The overall tax burden is MUCH higher than the US. They take home a whole lot less and every time they turn aroun