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Subject:  Re: Add a Child to Our Credit Card Account? Date:  10/31/2013  9:16 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  307453 of 312185


You wrote, I discovered it was missing an hour after it disappeared. Logged into my account, saw two charges that weren't mine, called and had the card canceled, the money was back in my account immediately, provisionally, awaiting investigation.

So, yes, if their investigation showed I actually made the challenged charges, they could have yanked the money back out.

I have a friend that has found fraudulent charges on his debit cards a couple of times. Once his wife lost her card; I'm not sure about the details of the other incident, though I think it was resolved in a slightly less adversarial manner...

As I recall there was one case where the credit union reversed the provisional credit more than 30 days after his complaint. He had thought it was all settled. The money was backed out of his account the day a written notice was sent. They made no attempt to notify him in any other manner. Not too surprisingly this resulted in hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges.

After a "fight", the CU eventually admitted they couldn't back up their decision with evidence and so they reversed the funds again some weeks later ... though I seem to recall something about them fighting over some charges at Wal-mart. I also believe they refused to reverse the overdraft fees. He had to file suit in small claims court. They eventually settled out of court and paid him everything he claimed he was owed. Obviously he moved his accounts in the middle of all this.

I don't believe he uses debit cards any more. And yes, he (and his wife) have had problems with credit card debt in the past. He tells me he's more diligent about money now. They use credit cards now because they're safer.

Just say'n...

- Joel
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