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Subject:  Re: Hayseed Discovers Sticker Shock Date:  10/31/2013  10:07 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  703471 of 876033

"The ER sends the unpaid bills to a collection agency that really, really does want "cash now". At a 25% commission, the collection agency will do what it takes to get the money. Parents, friends, etc ALL get called in order to "reach" the debtor. Writing off the ER costs will drop dramatically--after all, it IS taxpayer money. The person who failed to have insurance made a choice--and they then pay the consequences. "

Heh don't think they give their real names, do you? or their real addresses?

The collection agencies know you can't get paid out of a 'off the books 'worker salary.....there is nothing to garnish...or a welfare weenie....

Parents? try tracking down the parents of an illegal, and parents aren't responsible for their kids over 21..... friends? Ya gotta be kidding. First time that happened to me, I'd tell them cease and desist and second time there would be a million dollar lawsuit flying their way.

The collection agencies are 'clueless' when it comes to iilegals and don't collect a dime.

Same for a lot of the basement dweller lib types who opt out. They have no assets save their iPhone....and Xbox and you won't get that.....and likely no job .....and no income....

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