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Subject:  Re: 10,000 Lakes 140,000 Cancellations Date:  11/1/2013  10:51 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  703499 of 875643

I found this pie chart extremely, hard to believe.

It was data provided by a hard core lib

Shame on you, you really should have found it impossible to believe.

Frankly, they have gone round the bend, and simply do not care how much they lie

If you doubt that listen to Obama for 5 minutes. If you find truth you should question your judgement

They are not actually what you and I consider people, they are a different critter altogether without a shred of integrity who should not be trusted, under any circumstances.

That may seem over the top, but the President of the United States is a straight out liar. The President of the Uited States of America has tried actively and repeatedly to agitate people's emotions to dislike you.

These people continue to see the President as righteous and the only problem they have with him, is he DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH

No Conservative, No Libertarian no decent human being could support what this President is doing, NONE -- as an Obama Supported they become a specific class and that is folks who have targeted you, and feel you need to be hurt. That is not American, that is not people I have any respect for.
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