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Subject:  Re: Remember when...? Date:  11/1/2013  11:34 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  1908246 of 2204408

The ACA is an obscene piece of legislation. The system it replaces is either good or bad depending on your own situation. It quite obviously impacts people in a good way if their premiums are lower to free. Pre-existing condition clause was a no-brainer, to have that, you have to have mandates. But here in small companies, it's like a bureaucratic health care terrorist went door to door to screw their lives up.

The fact is this, you will always have obscene legislation when two sides are so apart. I laughed myself silly over the Republican voucher and block grant approach, just as I laugh even harder when people tell me Obamacare is affordable with great plans. Both sides are extreme and radical, just not in the right ways. Assuming the government is still deep in the red, ACA is not affordable. No, I don't believe the estimates.

You need radical change for this system to get fixed. I've always liked the French system, and it could have been phased into the USA better than most since they also have non-profit funds paying the bills. But we'd still end up higher costs since we don't rigidly control costs, especially doctor's salaries. But free medical school is far, far cheaper than our higher salaries.

I think we're as stuck with a crappy ACA just as we were stuck with what we had before. Our system sucked before, and it will still suck. As health care starts its ascent past 20% of GDP, we'll have a laughing stock that's still by far the most expensive in the world.
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