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Subject:  Re: say no to financial engineering distractions Date:  11/1/2013  12:31 PM
Author:  mauser96 Number:  197719 of 208497

Apple does not have to keep it's overseas money in short term cash-like instruments being slowly eaten away by inflation. It could do what most of us here are doing, invest the money. Use money to make more money.

The fact that they are keeping it very short term means either that they are inept in managing it, or that they want it to be available almost instantly if a need for cash appears. That might be that there are long term plans to do more vertical integration. Or some large acquisition though I can't imagine what. Neither of these sound too attractive to me. So I too am a bit puzzled by lack of a good Apple explanation.

The US has little to lose by allowing overseas profits to come back to the US. The US government isn't getting the tax money as it is, and it's also not getting the economic benefits of cash flowing into the country, being used by US citizens to buy goods and services from other US citizens. Remember Apple has already paid taxes on those earnings in countries where they earned it. Personally I'd rather them keep the money overseas forever rather than pay extortion taxes on it just to bring it back home. But then I'm not out of a job, I don't need the stimulus.
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