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Subject:  Re: FOX "News" Knows Wazzup Date:  11/1/2013  12:45 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  703523 of 876065

In any case, still the original question of how single payer system at state level is superior and preferable to federal level? And how single payer system is injuring your rights at federal level but it is protected at state level?

It is more a question of powers than rights. As was said elsewhere if it is at the state level then you can choose the state with the "best" system and go with that, but at the federal level you have to leave the country. There's a reason we're "United States" and not all one big state. Even at the most basic level medical needs in Michigan are far different than Florida (far fewer frostbite cases in Florida, far fewer alligator bites in Michigan is just one quick example) so a "one-size-fits-all" mandated federal policy is going to cause problems everywhere.

Could a state violate your rights? Sure, but then you have at least two options:

1. Move to a different state.
2. Sue the state at the federal level for violating your rights as spelled out in the federal document that says what powers states and the feds have, the Constitution.

Why don't we have federal driver's licenses? Or federal concealed carry licenses? Or federal voting registrations? These are all STATE powers, all consistent with limiting the size, scope and power of the federal government. That is a GOOD thing, you have far more say in your state leadership than federal leadership for starters and if your state screws it up (like Team 0bama did with 0bamacare) then it's only the citizens of your state affected, not all 310 million plus Americans. You don't have a Senator from state you've never been to putting in language that harms your employer (for example), or your family.

Would I be happy if Michigan enacted single payer? Probably not, but it would be far better than if Congress did it at any rate because if I didn't like it I could move to Ohio (literally a 40 mile move south for me), I wouldn't even have to change jobs. If every state enacted it then it would be a matter of which state went all Nanny State about it ("How many soft drinks do you drink per week? Have you ever been in the same room as a lit cigarette? Do you eat red meat? Do you own a salt shaker? Have you ever shot a gun? PREMIUM INCREASE!"), etc. We'd have 50 state laboratories looking for the best system instead of one divided Congress looking for the most earmarks.
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