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Subject:  Re: The ACA, a chart Date:  11/1/2013  1:17 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  1908291 of 2210282

WendyBG writes,

DH and I are in the "small category" of people whose health insurance costs will rise under the ACA. We are both healthy and have had catastrophic plans for many years. Under the ACA, our health insurance is going uu 45%! We will be forced to pay $1100 per month! That is as much as a mortgage would be!

The U.S. needs a single-payer system. Barring that, the U.S. needs complete market freedom for the insurance industry to create a wide variety of policies.

Obamacare appears to be the worst of all worlds by pandering to the insurance companies and forcing everyone into the same government-mandated mold.


Tru Dat.

Obamacare is exposing the madness and extra expense of keeping a GOP-approved, for-profit insurer between you and your doctor. The maze of mandates and Gov't subsidies are in service of the insurance industry -- they improve health care not a whit.

However I take issue with the the idea that we should just have complete freedom in the health insurance market to let insurers sell any kind of crappy, worthless policy they can devise. Hopefully you are sufficiently educated to understand your high deductible policy, and sufficiently wealthy to pay that large deductible year after year if you get an expensive chronic condition. But that describes just a small fraction of the people buying these high-deductible, limited benefit health insurance policies. Many can't afford the deductibles when they get sick and are turned away from the hospital if they have a "non-emergency" problem like cancer. The nation is best served by eliminating these things.

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