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Subject:  Re: FOX "News" Knows Wazzup Date:  11/1/2013  1:45 PM
Author:  1HappyFool Number:  703542 of 876054

<<It limits the risk to the country of trying something so anti-liberty>>

If Single payer system violates liberty then it violates at every level. Remember your rights as defined in constitution is not limited to any any specific geography or a government structure.

Meaning, a state, county or a city can violate your right but only Federal level had to be guaranteed it. If it is unconstitutional, then it is at every level.

Why did you fail to answer my questions? Are you not committed to intellectually honest discussion?

If you think single payer system violates your liberty then explain how it does and why "medicare and Medicaid" are not violating the above liberty?

I only said that it is anti-liberty. It violates our freedom of association, which includes the freedom to not associate, and which is something we have a right to, regardless of whether that is enshrined in the constitution. That makes us morally free to assert it, even when it is against the law. That is why it is morally justifiable to participate in shadow markets and engage in other forms of active non-compliance.

SS, Medicare and Medicaid are federal oversteps that threaten the ability of the US to stay united. They too are violations of our freedom of association and should have been left at the state level so we could have meaningful competition for governance without having to leave the US.

Since you failed to answer my questions, I will re-ask them to give you an opportunity to be something other than just another incorrigible excusor of authoritarianism. Please provide answers that are both honest and relevant to the questions.

If it's a good idea at the federal level, why wouldn't it be a good idea at the state level?

Is it because such systems would be too easy to circumvent by liberty-conscious citizens?

Doesn't the prospect of an outflux of capital, talent, skill and productivity concern you?

I'm looking forward to your answers.

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