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Subject:  Re: 10,000 Lakes 140,000 Cancellations Date:  11/1/2013  2:27 PM
Author:  jgc123 Number:  703549 of 876074

"The dems own this. It is going to be a spectaculare failure."

We need a straightforward universal healthcare system, but insofar as the Republicans have offered absolutely nothing for decades except to fight every proposal that is not written by the insurance lobby, and to the extent that they have grasped at every straw imaginable to attack the ACA, and to lie about it, and to destroy it, I consider the ACA the only alternative.

As for your decision to accept every anecdotal claim on this board that it sucks, and to dismiss every claim to the contrary elsewhere, that is your right. And you have a right to project your denial onto me.

As for stockboards full of people who gather together to cheer on doomed stocks, that is a perfect analogy for this board where people continue to support an invasion which was going to cost $50 billion and has hit the $trillion mark, to get huge stockpiles of WMD that did not exist, to knock out a Hussein/alqaeda connection that did not exist and who supported a banking deregulation platform that led to a multitrillion dollar bust that put us on the brink of another great depression, and who now blame everybody but themselves for the cost of cleaning up their mess.
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