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Subject:  Re: FOX "News" Knows Wazzup Date:  11/1/2013  5:43 PM
Author:  JLC Number:  703574 of 876054

I'm guessing that the Chinese government interferes less in medicine than the United States government does…

China is actually starting to go to a free market system. And it is basically starting in this manner. The government used to dictate what physicians could work where. Obviously all political. This hospital gets a surgeon, this one doesn't, irregardless of need. Now, physicians can practice where they want to. So supply and demand drive locations. And that is a giant leap forward from when they used to walk into the classroom and randomly point "you're going to be a doctor, you're going to be a farmer, you're going to be a school teacher".

... so healthcare is probably considerably cheaper than in the United States?

No. In obsolete terms yes, but in relative terms no. You work all year growing rice in the middle of no where to earn $300. You can't afford a hernia repair that cost $500. That was why the teams I was on was so busy. People waited all year for us to show up because the cost was essentially zero. And the hospital director loved the publicity. Now if you lived in Beijing, had party connections, no problem.

Another words there are probably alternatives in China that are just not available in the United States. It may not be the high tech stuff we got but at least it's something?

Oh, there are plenty of alternatives. Grind up some ginger root and mix with Yak dung and smoke on the next full moon. That will cure that cough (that is most likely TB). Chest pain? Let me press this hot poker into your sternum (have seen this). Chest pain now gone (no sh*t Sherlock, who is going to complain again after that?).

Also it is probably less total number of years of Education to call oneself a Physician in China than in United States?

Depending on where they are, all it can take is some plywood and paint. One side "doctor is in", on the other "doctor is out". An old saying, the Emperor is far away and over the mountain.

In the big cities, at real medical schools and training programs, it takes just as long. And is exponentially more competitive to get into. The bottleneck of production/limitation actually comes after medical school when finding a training position (in USA, graduate medical school, you will find a training position). Just about anyone can get into medical school and graduate. But getting that training position is really hard. And you take what you're offered, not what you want. Had a friend that wanted to be an internist but was offered a spot in pathology because he could read English. He was gutsy and turned it down and later got an internist position. Last I heard, in Macau, there was about 100 applicants for each position.

Many graduate medical school but wind up working on computers or being tutors and any other odd jobs. Why don't they just open up shop? There, the hospital has the license to practice, not the individual (opposite of here). So no hospital job, no license, no practice.

It may not be the high tech stuff we got but at least it's something?

Again, depending on where you're at, nothing might actually be better than something. In bigger towns/cities in China, potential care is fairly equivalent to USA. Middle of no where not a dot on the map, welcome to the Dark Ages.

You like duality and separation, China is your country. It is both Modern and 3rd world at the same time. The remote Appalachian vs Atlanta contrast doesn't even begin to explain.

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