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Subject:  Re: Emergency Fund Date:  11/1/2013  10:02 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  307461 of 312185


You wrote, Hmm...I guess I framed it differently in my head. Why risk my sense of right and wrong over a stupid job? Any place that would fire me for buying a sandwich or a token birthday, wedding, baby shower or Christmas gift for a subordinate, realistically, I wouldn't have lasted long there anyway.

My older brother has worked in the defense industry for all his career. He sometimes bemoans that he's not in the private sector. But he has certain benefits I don't have. And he gets to go out to the test ranges and see his stuff blow things up, which is always cool.

But I would never be able to work in that environment for terribly long. For one thing, I don't think I could turn a blind eye to some of the stuff they do. And all the secrecy. (Public sector companies have secrets too; but most of them would be paralyzed by the paranoia you find in the defense sector.) And there are all the political games involved too. I'm also afraid that if I got into that kind of environment too deep, I might find myself tempted to pull a Snowden or something. Though probably not. I'm probably too practical and paranoid myself to do such a thing - I'd probably just look for another job.

Also, I was always confident, I guess, that I could successfully fight any ethics violation charge. Or that it wouldn't be worth anyone's while to file such a charge.

I'm fairly sure most ethics charges aren't brought up because the person complaining simply wants justice. I think most are politically motivated.

In any case if ethics codes were strictly interpreted these days, people would avoid attempting any casual or interpersonal relations with fellow coworkers as any attempt at initiating such a relationship could probably be viewed as an ethics violation.

Also, Guess there's no Secret Santa in your workplace. I can see that as being a positive. But I'd hate to think I couldn't treat my unit to lunch once in a while.

Ironically I find any type of charity program at work as a potentially serious corporate ethics issue. Disclosure: My employer is currently in the midst of its annual "giving campaign" and proud of it. Of course I'm fairly sure my employer and its management probably have more serious ethics issues. Its really amazes me that I haven't heard that many real complaints. But then maybe I'm just used to all the PC correctness from back home...

- Joel
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