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Subject:  Re: Hayseed Discovers Sticker Shock Date:  11/3/2013  8:36 PM
Author:  TheBaronAndrew Number:  703845 of 876370

for most of the young, they don't worry about that.

If you live in a place where you can 'change states' you can now immediately sign up for ObamaKAre.

Also, for most of the youngsters....even if they break a wrist..that's only $1500 or so.....and that is cheaper than paying $350/month year in and year out. Flu shots are $20..... an annual physical would run you $300 or so.....

It will be a LOT cheaper for youngsters to even pay $1000 a year in 'tax penalties' and still pay their medical care for MOST of them.

If they are in an accident, they show up at the emergency room and get treated.

The kicker will be when the employer has to withhold $100 or $200 a month in 'tax penalties' (delinquencies) from the workers paychecks and the youngsters start screaming about 'where is my money'!

During my young adult years (up to age 40), I only ever used my health insurance twice.

Once was at age 28 when I slipped on black ice and fractured my ankle. ER visit... doctor visits and followups... cast... crutches... pain meds... all totaled about $600 or so, of which I only had to pay $200 (my deductible). Granted this was in 1989, when medical treatment was a lot cheaper than today.

The second time was the following year when I suddenly had flashes of light and floaters in my eyes, so I had to see an opthalmologist. One visit (thorough retinal exam) plus followup visit, about $75 each... insurance paid for all of it.

Other than that, nothing else except vision and dental care throughout those years.

When you're young, and things are going OK, you figure nothing's ever going to happen to you.
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