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Subject:  Re: FOX "News" Knows Wazzup Date:  11/4/2013  1:16 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  703922 of 876043

Hundreds? In the US, it's more like five or six.

Yup. Ann Arbor has two bus systems (the city one and the UofM one) which are both decent enough... when they're operating. In other words if it's night time you're SOL and if it's a weekend you better be in for a LONG wait.

This is probably the best mass transit system in the entire state of Michigan. It's WAY better than what Detroit and the suburbs have. There's the SMART bus system that is known for being slow, late or not running at all due to a work stoppage. The People Mover works fine in Detroit... provided you only want to go around the dense Downtown Area in a small circle (you could just as easily WALK anywhere it would take you). The M1 light rail line is slated to be built down Woodward Ave... which is great if you live at one end and want to get to the other end in a straight line but... uh... that's a rather niche market. Nobody I know personally would ever have need to use it.

Other than that you're stuck with taxis or bumming rides in the vast majority of the state. I lived without a car in Ann Arbor for a few months... other than losing a bit of weight they were pretty miserable months. Getting to/from work was doable but shopping was a nightmare and heaven-forbid I wanted to LEAVE the city... other than going to Ypsi (which isn't something I ever really have need to do) I was SOL.
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