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Subject:  Re: 529 plans Date:  11/17/2013  7:33 AM
Author:  inparadise Number:  119539 of 127753

Fafsa calculates your EFC, Effective(IIRC,) Family Contribution, and divide that by the number of family members in school at once. That is in theory how much you are expected to pay towards schooling. Note that this does not mean this is all you will have to pay, which will vary from school to school.

To clarify, the EFC determines how much aid you may get, not how much you pay. Some of that aid, in fact often most of it, will be in the form of loans, which of course, you pay.

In fact, we are retiring when Youngest graduates high school and heads off to college. Most of our funds will be in Roth IRAs, and our income will go quite low. It will be interesting to see how much "aid" we get in loans when we file FAFSA at that point, or if they actually award any other breaks.

who will be paying for college either way, but wondering just how much continuing to work hurts us
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