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Subject:  Re: What age to take SS payments? Date:  12/3/2013  4:54 PM
Author:  akck Number:  73902 of 88498

Not necessarily. I have more in my taxable account than in my IRAs, so I have a choice on where to take the money from to support us in our retirement.

The IRA pot was just an example. You'll get the same results no matter where the funds come from.

You still have to pay the taxes on those IRA distributions, and that is something to be considered in the grand scheme of things as well. And then there are RMDs to consider, so it's not like the IRA money will just sit there forever.

Again, it was an example. You're getting bogged down in details that will affect both cases. I never said the funds would remain in a traditional IRA account.

I have no intentions of leaving an inheritance, and so that does not play into my plans at all. My kids have already received their inheritance. It was called "tuition in full at the college of your choice" and should be enough to give them a good head start on building their own financially secure lives.

I plan to spend every penny, but realistically, know there will be something left for the kids. It's just that this will not be because I did anything on purpose to do that, nor will I not do something in retirement because it will diminish their inheritance.

I do realize that I may be in the minority with this thinking.

A perfectly fine intention.

Again, in the other forum, it was a discussion on whether you intended to leave an inheritance or not. The suggestion was made that if you intend to do so, taking SS early would leave more funds for inheritance. The inheritance was a side issue, but as an example to the OP, it shows why your investments might be better off by taking SS early. A key factor is that once you and your spouse pass, the SS pot disappears. Your other funds can be passed on.
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