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Subject:  Re: Are capitalists beginning to understand ... Date:  12/5/2013  8:49 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  53439 of 116889

"A healthy economic ecosystem — one in which most participants (especially the middle class) have plenty of money to spend."

Great...stop taxing them to death. Taxes on real estate climbing through the roof. $10,000 and $15,000 and $20,000 real estate bills in NJ, MD, MA, and other east coast cities on a small single family house.

Stop taxing them to death. Sales taxes, State income taxes, taxes on gasoline, taxes on this, taxes on that. State income taxes take 5 to 10% of middle class income.

Then you whack them with ObamaKare taxes, with taxes on others passed on in the price of goods.

You 'skyrocket' their utility bills to pay for failed Solyndras and battery companies by the doznes.

You kill their savings interest because the progressives have run up 17 trillion in debt and are panicked to keep interest rates low. Blowing out 85 billion a month in new money, devaluating the dollar, and of course, killing seniors and savers who have CDs and bonds.

You bleed the middle class at every opportunity....

and then you say we need more in the middle class?

For many, it is better to be 'poor'. You get free foodstamps worth a thousand a month. You get free health care on Medicare for you and your kids. You get free school lunches and breakfasts. You get hauled to school on a free school bus. You might live in a 'free' or highly subsidized apartment/house.

And all that money is bled out of the middle class.

The 'rich' seldom pay the taxes needed. they manage their 'taxable income' to be lower. Oh, they pay a lot of taxes...but you wanted a middle class.

You are making it hard to stay in the middle class.

You flood the market with cheaper labor via illegal immigration.

It's the progressives that have killed the middle class, and worse, killed the worth ethic of the middle class. Everyone wins a trophy......and that crap.....degrees in useless basketweaving type subjects leading to jobs as baristas at Starbucks....if they even find a job as they live in their parents basements.

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