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Subject:  Re: Are capitalists beginning to understand ... Date:  12/5/2013  2:24 PM
Author:  rosym Number:  53443 of 116348

I don't contest everything you say, but we can't lay all of our woe on progressives. Debt from unfunded wars under Bush will be on all our shoulders for decades, and don't kid yourself, our war industry, darling of the right, does not give a darn whether the war or weapon system is justified. They just want to sell product. Tax cuts and loopholes that enable the "rich don't pay taxes" phenomenon that you cite, gigantic bailouts for banks that we are paying for while they now reap huge profits thanks to our largess. The thousands of paid lobbyists in Washington are there to ensure that our laws are designed to enrich the already rich, and they are doing a fine job. That's why we still subsidize with your tax dollars the richest industry on earth: petroleum.
I live in East Hampton, NY where the main industry is serving the whims of second, third and fourth home occupants... 10 or 20,000 square feet of Versailles like luxury by the sea that may be inhabited only a couple months or less each year. When you are in the middle every day, between that, and the thousands who struggle to keep a roof overhead and food on the table with no healthcare for their children, for goodness sake, ya gotta ask yourself if something isn't out of whack in our society. I'm not talking about welfare moms or drug addicts; I'm talking about people who work 50 60 hours a week and are still poor.
As for the rant about taxes, in United States our combined tax revenues as a percentage of GDP is third from the lowest(at 24 %) of 34 top industrial countries(2009 figures) That is surely related to our similarly low achievement in comparative healthcare, education, and infrastructure markers. We are here talking about investments, and our country has stopped investing in itself.
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