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Subject:  Re: A Terrible Tragedy Date:  12/5/2013  3:12 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  53444 of 117584

Teddy Kennedy assured Americans a decade ago that Social Security was solvent for decades to come.

Of course that assumes that the Social Security "Trust Fund" is actually liquidated by issuing new Federal debt.

Liberals have LOTS of other plans to spend money, so they want taxes to be raised rather than to liquidate the Trust Fund to pay benefits to boomers.

Ronald Reagan ran this same scam on the boomer generation ---- raising payroll taxes to fund full payment of Social Security benefits to the WWII generation.

The smart move for Gen X, Y and Z would be to terminate Social Security and to fund a retirement system that uses their money to benefit THEM rather than other people.

Take the current tax revenue OUT of Social Security. Liquidate the trust fund and then see how solvent Social Security REALLY is.

Social Security is best described as a Ponzi Scheme and a racket. Gen X, Y and Z should refuse to be the next generation of SUCKERS to participate in it.

Seattle Pioneer
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