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Subject:  Re: Oy! Tore my rotator cuff Date:  12/7/2013  11:53 PM
Author:  malaoshi Number:  18877 of 20599

Was dragged 20 feet along rough ground by two muggers pulling on my handbag ( in Mexico) bruised all over body, so I thought the fact my arm wouldn't move upwards was just bruising.

Two months later, pain so bad, movement so limited, saw doctor. Surgery.Torn rotator cuff and unfortunately torn tendons or whatever had shrunk in the two months, because I am old.

Started physio. Lots of work with bands, pushing etc.

Very best exercise was called "cleaning the windows" using a soft cloth on the clinic's large mirror, and going up, around and down as I cleaned the "window"...I could lean on the window, reach up without weight, etc etc... at first I could only reach level with my shoulder...finally way up as far as my good arm could reach.

Now when I go to physio to pick up my husband, or go for my own finger treatment ( I put my finger in the blades of the Cuisinart) I show every shoulder patient there that my right shoulder is PERFECT. It can reach high, low, round and round smoothly, completely pain free. If I were 50 years younger and knew the rules of baseball(I don't) I could probably be a pitcher for a baseball team!!!!

I agree about Aleve.

Be conscientious about exercises...they do work!

My warmest wishes to you for the perfect will feel soooo good, even though it is hard to believe right now..

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