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Subject:  Re: Stew! Date:  1/6/2014  10:57 AM
Author:  TMFHunzi Number:  714309 of 876089

I hate the little SOBs. I squirrel will wipe out an entire fruit tree. Takes one bite of a fruit , drops it, and moves to the next ne, takes a bite and drops it.

I hates squirrels.


So do I. We had squirrels in the eaves of our first house on Long Island. My husband bought a humane trap so that he could catch them and release them at a park 3 miles away. One day we came home and there was a hole in our dining room wall. Yup, a squirrel tried to get in.
Poor thing had to contend with our mini schnauzer who got rid of him in short shrift!

Also not a fan of squirrels. I think they're rats with good PR.

Dog keeps them out of the back yard. But the neighbor has been known to feed the darned rats.

About once or twice a year, I'll get some fat squirrel or squirrel family that thinks my eaves or my front porch would be a lovely place to live. I'll try to just run them off, but if they won't leave, I'll toss a rat block covered in peanut butter up in the porch ceiling where they like to nest and that takes care of them.

Our other pesty animal problem has been possums. Twice last summer, I had one manage to get into my basement stairwell and die. OMG. It took me weeks to find the first one - I thought I had a dead mouse some place in the basement and searched and searched. DS was still living down there then, and the place stunk to high heavens (he hardly noticed -stinky boy!) and we were dealing with so many flies I thought I was in Amityville Horror movie. Finally checked the basement stairwell. So nasty!!!! Found the 2nd one faster, because we knew where to check, but it was still gross and fly city before we found it. DH has to do some repairs on the ceiling of that stairwell, I think they wandered under the porch, then found a hole to fall into the stairs. ick.

Always ;-)
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