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Subject:  Re: The Plan Date:  1/28/2014  12:42 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  307742 of 309665

The GI Bill is about $1k a month. Add that to the $300 I was going to put in from my pay. That's ~$1100 toward the $10k credit card

So the $1k from the GI bill plus $300 from your paycheck - that is $1400. Yet, you say that provides $1100/month toward the credit card debt? So the other $300 is the signature loan payment?

(The interest payments are going to make it over $10k by the time it's paid off. I don't know how much more. I over budget rather than break it down that much. The interest rate is 7.9% and I paid about $80 in interest last month.)
When my daughter is with her dad for the summer, I won't have child support, so it will dip down to just paying $1k a month for a couple of months. That'll drag it out too.

Are there offsetting expenses that you won't have to pay because you won't be getting child support? Or do you have to pay him child support those months?

Also, is it the $1400 (credit card and signature loan) that will drop to $1000 or the $1100 (credit card only) that will drop to $1000? If it's the $1400, I'm still not getting the math of how you will have the credit card paid off by December, unless you actually get a fairly substantial tax refund. Because after September, you will have $400 to split between the credit card and the signature loan. If the signature loan payment is $300, then you only have $100 to put toward the credit card after September.

I don't need the GI Bill to live off of. I do fine. This is just extra