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Financial Planning / Paying For College


Subject:  Investment Vs. Debt Repayment Date:  1/31/2014  1:44 PM
Author:  DrySpell Number:  8099 of 8314

This is the first time I have said anything foolish.

Convieniently enough for me I have just landed my first "career worthy" job out of college one month before my first payments on my student loans start to come due. I had been on defferment after graduation because I am/ have been completely broke. Now with some hard earned chash rolling in I have to figgure out how best to "pay the man" while still making as much money as possible.

If anyone has advice it is gladly appreciated. (My investment goals are to create long term wealth and I have a very high risk appetite)

I have 2 loans, Grad Plus (27K @ ~8%) and stafford (22k@ 6.8%). I have them both set to minimum payments right now and I plan to pay more per month (no peanalties on repayments of any size [th