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Subject:  Re: financing the next house Date:  2/7/2014  5:45 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  126809 of 128887

So how would you do it? Sounds like you would sell the existing house first, move some place else temporarily, and then build.
Yup. That's what we did. Twice.
The last time, we lived in a 2 BR apartment for 9 months with 3 (small) dogs. Fun? No. But we had the safety of KNOWING for a fact that no matter what happened, we'd not get stuck with 2 mortgage payments or 2 houses.

I don't want to do that, and seem to have found a proposal that accomplishes my goal, is affordable for the long term, and doesn't leave us broke or more stressed.
Well, to me it was more a matter of risk-management than wanting the least disruption to our lives. I don't believe in taking a risk unless there is a significant profit to be made by taking on that risk. Taking a risk for trivial gain doesn't make sense to me.

I've never met you nor talked to you, and have no idea about your personal financial situation. I do have personal knowledge of several people who got caught in the middle and had their plans fall thru and got stuck with 2 houses & 2 mortgage payments.

Have you ran any "what if the SHTF" scenarios? What if you your old house doesn't sell for a couple of years? What if you have to drop the price by 20% to get it to sell?
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