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Subject:  Re: I have officially arrived! Date:  2/8/2014  1:10 PM
Author:  MetalDecathlete Number:  5039 of 5224

Look at the real cost of medical-care insurance (including deductibles and copays) and make sure you still think $50K per year is sufficient. It wouldn't be unreasonable to decide that the situation is too muddled at the moment to make a decision - in which case you should continue building up your funds.

I hear that. At present, I don't know how that will look. Originally, I planned on a decent sized HSA account built up from my years of working and then getting a high deductible plan for DW and I. With ACA, the HDHP's should still be available but my HSA will not barely be 10k if I FIRE this year, on account of me not working as long as intended.

As for living in a can for a few years, we're about three months into year 4 and not tired of it. Granted, when we've been traveling 4-5 days a week for a couple weeks DW starts making noises about settling down... but when we've been parked for about six weeks she starts wanting to hit the road. You'd have to find the balance that works for you; and it will probably change over time.

I'd suggest renting an RV for a month or two, but the rental RVs are mostly small and (in my opinion) better for living *around* than living *in*. For a couple they'd replace a hotel room (and a small one at that), not a house.

So I take it you and your wife take the full time rv'ing year by year? Did you plan on doing it this long? If not, you must really enjoy the lifestyle. Do you prefer private or state/fed RV parks? Do you spend as much time as you can visiting area attractions? Was my cost estimate of 25k per year fairly accurate?

My parents RV a lot but they still have a home base to come home to. They RV about 25% of the year, going out for 2-3 weeks at a time.

I have a ton of research to do. But if we chose the RV option, I gather I'll need one large enough for a small bed/bath and larger room for kitchen, eating and living. I would want to carry around a couple of mountain bikes and two kayaks. Then all the other things like clothes, golf clubs etc.. I would imagine would have a storage place for the things you don't want to carry. For example, winter clothes and winter rec equipment during the summer.

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