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Subject:  Re: financing the next house Date:  2/16/2014  9:04 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  126823 of 128887

the 1-month LIBOR ARM recasts each month, more of the fully amortized payment is going toward principal than would the fully amortized payment for a 5/1 ARM, thereby making the 1-month LIBOR ARM as stable as a 5-year ARM and saves interest, too.

And here I was thinking that CC was quite risk-averse, based on discussions on another board.

Some quick googling says that 1-mo LIBOR ARMs typically have a 1% cap (per MONTH!) and a lifetime cap of 6%.

Current Libor is 0.16%, so the margin would seem to be 1.6%.

This site has historical 1-mo LIBOR rates: While LIBOR has been below 0.5% for the past few years, it historically has jumped around a lot. Dec'07 was 5.04% but Dec'08 was 1.12%. But it can jump *up* quickly as well. In fact, Jan'04 was 1.1% but Jan'05 was 2.6%.

With 1.6% margin and a $750K loan the interest would be $1687 at 1.1% LIBOR and $2625 at 2.6% LIBOR. That's a pretty big jump in payment.

Indeed, at the current 1.75% rate, the payment is $1094 interest + $1995 prin = $3089
But a mere 3% jump in the rate, and the payment would be $2970 interest + 1995 prin = $4965.

Luckily the lifetime cap would be 7.75%. Not completely outrageous, but a heck of a lot higher than 4.30%.

the 1-month LIBOR ARM as stable as a 5-year ARM
Completely false. The 1-mo LIBOR ARM resets every month, including the first month. The 5/1 ARM only resets once a year, but not at all for the first 5 years.
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