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Subject:  Re: Arctic Ice Date:  2/24/2014  7:27 AM
Author:  qazulight Number:  445361 of 536979

Why common folks such as those who would post on TMF have a problem accepting that is really odd. I know why corporations don't want to accept it (profits). But for us little folks here, there is no such motivator. It makes no sense.

My problem is this:

1. I have a high degree of confidence that there is more energy in the atmosphere

2. I have a lessor confidence that this heat is primarily due to CO2.

3. If it were primarily due to CO2, I have no hope that the world could make a significant difference in the amount of CO2 being put into the atmosphere.

4. I suspect that if the world did reduce the amount of CO2, the amount of heat already in the atmosphere would still cause changes in the weather. (Notice I said weather, the concentration of heat is a climate thing, the result is a weather thing)

5. The most troubling aspect to me, is not that the world will be a different place, rather the models used so far have completely failed to model the weather changes based on the rising heat content. (Not just in the atmosphere, but also the ocean.)

As such I cannot make investment decisions, or lead my family to safety based on any models. I cannot give myself a false hope due to the dismal records of the models.

So, my response to the climate change debate has been to ignore it.

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