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Subject:  Re: Arctic Ice Date:  2/24/2014  2:38 PM
Author:  rubberthinking Number:  445397 of 535326

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. It's quite another matter to say "no, you guys are wrong and I'm going to ignore you". That is an almost-unrestrained hubris.


You are not reading Tim or Qaz correctly. They agree with your assessment if you read them carefully. They just dont have the answers so they put the problem aside. It is not their calling. They are admitting that.

Qaz is more inclined to discuss the energy markets and the timing of events. Tim is more inclined perhaps because of his age to just ride it out in energy stocks. He does not like what he sees at all for his grandchildren.

I am quite optimistic. And I have a lot of scientific reasons to be so after a few years of reading MIT articles on future energy source and battery technologies. Along with other readings from the MIT website that I have been documenting on this board for a few years now. Things will look up in the next ten years going forward. The earth will heal its self. Much of the CO2 is being produced by burning oxygen and then some of the CO2 is being released into the atmosphere because it is part of what the earth actually is, the earth will soak it up again as we humans change how we garner our energy. It will be much cheaper to garner energy through sources that are not toxic to our planet.

As I just said this is a serious pressing technical problem, but it is not really a political problem at all. The Greens are barely making any dent in the problem at all because it is a matter of future technologies. They are on their way.

I am trying to figure out the multitude of reasons for not having a long term buy and hold in XOM. It is a lonely business.

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