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Subject:  Re: Arctic Ice Date:  2/25/2014  4:15 AM
Author:  rubberthinking Number:  445450 of 539094

As I said to another poster a while back, this isn't a reflection on yours or anyone else's intelligence. But there is no way a novice such as you can make an intelligent judgment on this topic.


Between the comments....

You brought up 'tipping point'. This is hyperbole. I am not at all clear that the better scientific minds really think of a tipping point. And if they do I dont think they really define it the way the alarmist do.

The 'tipping point' is up in the air as to when.

Right now we are talking a matter of a few degrees over the last century? Correct me if I am wrong. I do realize the range between zero degrees celsius and 100 degrees celsius is not as wide as it seems. We can run out of degrees to add very easily. I am not firmly focused on the warming science. I believe that the globe has a massive problem, but I am not sure it wont be overcome.

The Greens are a political movement. They are right to see big oil and other industrialists as forwarding their own agendas at odds with the rest of us. And staying at odds with us because those same industrialists are serving our wants and needs. So the Greens politicize the scientific problem of global warming.

In the US the Greens doing this are seen as repugnant. So the Greens are trying to win over as many folks as possible. And it finally it is looking like they may succeed. I know they are not a party in our system with even much of a minority, but their sway in the process is starting to show up in some serious polling data.

What will the Greens in the Democratic or Republican parties do in American if they do get a majority in power? The English conservatives have embraced environmentalism. What have they done?

Climate studies are scientific without any debate. This is because it is a measurable mathematically oriented type of problem.

Our pollution will cause a catastrophic problem if we dont change.

The CO2 has to stop being added. And that is not the only pollution problem we have.

This is a technical problem and all alternatives to it that are political by nature will not resolve this problem. Except funding alternative energy research projects. With the growing world wide population more CO2 will be produced if we dont stop it altogether.

You need to bank on technical solutions.

If the Greens and the climate scientists really want a direction to go in for the future good, then new technologies are it. This is old news to the Greens. It is worn out news. But here in the states many more people are beginning to take notice of global warming. This at a time when there are prospects of major technical changes in how we get our energy.

You know that there are 37 different fully understood chemical reactions so far. The last the 37th reaction was about how gasoline is burned in a combustion engine. They never fully understood the process of burning hydrocarbons prior to late last year. They think there maybe other processes to map out. Finding out how number 37 works gives some researches hope of finding related chemical reactions. Science is moving ahead suddenly at a very fast pace.

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