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Subject:  Re: About Those Newsroom Monitors.... Date:  2/25/2014  8:31 AM
Author:  wzambon Number:  1923968 of 2211275

So it appears the nefarious right wing lie, is based on the President having some say in the FCC and what it might do?

Hmmmm, seems the liar here may not be the right wing?

You have simply GOT TO BE KIDDING, that there is nothing to be concerned about with a President who we know spent years trotting out close associates to forward rhetoric to shut up Fox news and specific individuals.

IT is not like a person who believes to dslike Obama is by definition racist is going to bring reality into the conversation, have any sense of processing an action with a wide perspective, or for that matter have a decent chance of understanding the definition of a lie.

That's right where is the lie?

This is just another Obama drone, trying to ratchet up the BS to shut down debate on his hero doing what needs to be considered at best questionable deeds.

That's right where is the lie? IT is right there with the majority of the good that Obama does, it's in the furtive imagination of his water carriers.

Isn't it funny.... how the right can create this absolute lie.... and then consciously justify it according to the principles of truthiness (It's what we're afraid of, so can you blame us for believing this lie?")

... and then denying it's a lie.
... and then accusing those who don't believe their lie... of being liars.

The mind boggles.
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