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Subject:  Re: About Those Newsroom Monitors.... Date:  2/25/2014  12:04 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1924019 of 2203982

... and then denying it's a lie.

You've fallen into the PA pattern of "Well, your prediction didn't come true so you must be lying!" bit of reasoning. See Iraq War, The and Bush's knowledge of WMDs.

Even you admitted that this study was remarkably poor timing and I believe that even you would admit that not telling the Republicans on the FCC itself was an incredibly poor way to handle it.

But setting aside the hyperbole about lying and right-wing-this-or-that Byron York speculates as to the real motive:

A key advocate of the project to assess whether news organizations are meeting government-defined "critical information needs" was Mignon Clyburn, an Obama-appointed FCC commissioner and for part of last year the acting chair of the FCC. Clyburn, who is the daughter of powerful House Democratic Rep. James Clyburn, has long advocated more minority ownership in the media. But she has often reminded colleagues that to make the case for policies that would increase minority ownership, proponents need more empirical information to support their contention that more diverse ownership would be better than what exists today. For example, if a study showed that the existing media structure is not meeting the "critical information needs" of minorities and women in America, proponents could use it to buttress the case that government should enact policies to make sure more television and radio stations end up in the hands of minorities and women.

The "critical information needs," or CIN, study appears to have been an effort to gather material to support Clyburn's position. "The FCC needs better data 'hard and fast' to create policy that would increase the number of minority-owned broadcast stations, said acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn at the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters conference," reported the trade publication Communications Daily last October. The article went on: "Clyburn ... briefed attendees on several proposals at the FCC and in Congress that might address the difficulties of minority broadcasters, but she said the FCC's collection of data is a prerequisite for changes. 'A complete picture of the media landscape is necessary to entertain ... any major policy adjustment in the short term,' she said."

Now you may say that York is lying, that's up to you. I don't really care what a PA'er labels as lying anymore as the track record is less than stellar. If this is the case and the FCC wants more minority ownership/management of media, that's not itself a bad thing. The problem is the democrat tactic of doing literally everything the wrong way.
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