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Subject:  Re: Somewhere Putin is smiling Date:  2/25/2014  5:22 PM
Author:  willynaylor Number:  1924122 of 2207594

I'm not even slightly concerned. We spend more than the next 13 nations combined on the military. To fight a war that isn't going to happen, as part of a Cold War that's been over for decades. If cut that so we only spend as much as the next two nations that's a savings, and it won't affect our security noticeably. Though it might affect our ability to engage in elective wars (which would not be a bad thing).

Alas, I think we still will still equal the next 13 nations. Eisenhower was right about the MIC.


Here lies the real problem dude.

China and Russia are still old school and will build up and act out accordingly because there is no way we will counter. Maybe you don't care.."alrighty" then.

More disturbing is this, the Money not spent is not saved at all. It goes for redistribution or for some other cause and not for paying down the debt or most anything else that would normally be considered constructive in nature. Once you commit to "benefits" you cannot back away from it without serious political cost so no one does it. Now cutting back on defense is an easier thing to sell and do. But how many times can you draw water from that well until....oops?

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