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Subject:  Re: Somewhere Putin is smiling Date:  2/26/2014  12:06 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  1924212 of 2210594

China is about the have the largest naval force in its region of the world, if not the planet, certainly out doing anything the USA has to counter with in that area.

Well, that shows what you know. One US carrier group could sink their entire navy. Their one carrier is a joke, by comparison. They may be the big fish in the little pond over there, but they are ZERO compared to global naval capabilities. I suspect the much-smaller British navy could take them out all by themselves.

You clearly don't know anything about military capability.

We are severely OVER-prepared for "whatever could happen". It's ludicrous. We can still be the number-one spender, if that's so bloody important to so many, without out-spending the next THIRTEEN nations combined (including China, I might add)!

The face of modern warfare is very different now. By analogy, you're still worried about battleships while your potential enemy is training carrier pilots. You are woefully behind the times.

China isn't going to touch us. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Their economy depends on us, and as another poster pointed out, they hold a lot of our debt. Those bonds would become worthless to them. The interlocking global economies of today pretty much assure that we are never again going to have major powers engaged in global warfare. It's bad for business.
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