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Subject:  Re: Don't do this.... Date:  2/28/2014  5:02 AM
Author:  Commodore64 Number:  880545 of 902161

"Are you aware that many college textbooks cost more than a hundred dollars per book, and in many cases you can't buy used texts because the professors update them every couple of years?"

Yup, textbooks are a scam.

But it's not that hard to beat the scam.

First off, the older version of the textbooks will usually do just fine- and can be had for a pittance as the value in the used book market drops to almost nothing as soon as the "new" version comes out. Most often, the "update" is a few trivial changes made just to kill the used textbook market and sell more new text books. Trust me, the 2014 "version 10" of "Early American History" ain't much different than the 2012 "version 9"- because, surprisingly, American History 1776-1865 didn't change all that much from 2012 to 2014.

My wife and I still take courses just for fun, and we do this all the time. We are multi-millionaires, but refuse to pay $140 for a "new" text when the "old" version is just as good and costs maybe $20. The professor will tell you the "old" version of the textbook isn't adequate. He's lying- possibly because he wrote the text.

Also, you can often buy "overseas" versions of the text, which are the SAME as the US version, but cost a fraction of what the US version costs- it's a global marketplace- use that to your advantage.

Neither of us has ever received anything less than an "A" in these courses, despite buying the old version of the text. BTW, if your professor isn't the author of the text, it's highly unlikely that he even know what trivial changes were made from version 9 to version 10 of the text.
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