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Subject:  Re: 1040 for deceased taxpayer Date:  3/8/2014  8:23 PM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  120401 of 127747

1) I need to know if I can file his final 1040 return electronically? I have read IRS Pub 559 and it states that I can file it electronically. However, I seem to recall seeing where a paper return was required with the word DECEASED written on the top of the 1040.

Some can be filed electronically; some can't. You'll prepare the return the same way for either, so when you get to the point you tell it you're e-filing you'll get the answer to this question. (The caption at the top of the paper return isn't a bar to electronic filing. That same info can be sent as part of the electronic record.

2) I may need to file for an extension for his return due to a missing 1099-R document (see item 3) if not received prior to 4/15/14 .

I know I can file for an extension electronically using Form 4868. If so, do I use my FIL name, my address his SS# etc? I’ve read the IRS instructions for this form, but I did not see anything in regard to preparing a 4868 for a deceased taxpayer? This may be a moot question because I also "guesstimated" that he should receive a refund on his 2013 return, so do I really need to file a 4868 since the IRS states there is no penalty for filing a late return if one is due a refund.

I would file. His name and SSN go on the form, with any mailing address (I don't think one is required) being your wife's.

3) DW has contacted the US Army on 2/18/14 regarding the missing 1099-R relating to his Military Pension, but as of today 3/8/14 we have not received anything from the Army. Has anyone else experienced this type of situation, and if so, any advice on how to expedite the 1099-R would be greatly appreciated.

If you know what the numbers should be you don't need the paper form. It's unusual for these to go missing. You don't say when in 2013 he died, but if it was more than 6 months ago any mail forwarding order wouldn't still be in effect. It wouldn't hurt for your wife to call them and ask if they can give her the numbers over the phone if you can't reconstruct it.

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