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Subject:  Re: How much is enough? Date:  3/9/2014  4:13 PM
Author:  Howie52 Number:  20 of 36

"What amount should I have saved up to live without worries? No one, not even my broker wants to give me an answer! "


Well, what causes you to worry?

What do you plan to do during retirement?

What does your retirement budget look like?

Do you plan to move?

Do you plan to travel?

Do you want to buy this or that thing or the other?

Do you like to eat steak every day or does a peanut butter sandwich
seem like the cat's meow twice a day?

Want to go to concerts, sporting events?

Need to buy a car?

The problem is that other folks can't tell you what you want to do
unless you've told them.
Retirement is like every other part of life - nothing is easy.

So, set down and work up a budget.
Starting with what you spend currently and put an estimate of
inflation on the costs. You generally can figure that the outgo
will decrease since you will stop paying into SS and Medicare.
You will not need to put funds into retirement accounts.
Everything else will still hang around.

The general guidelines people bandy about is a "safe withdrawal"
percentage. Traditional folks say 4%. Recently, people say that
the miniscule return from bonds drops the percentage to 3% - some say

Try putting the question about what is needed to some of the other
retirement discussion boards -
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There are a wide range of folks with quite different perspectives.

Good luck

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