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Subject:  Re: Why is Mortgage Debt "Different" Date:  3/26/2014  7:55 PM
Author:  flounderlady Number:  308047 of 309666

Mortgage debt isn't any different than any other debt, it's just there for a longer period of time.

You want to leave your efund alone. You will need it for an emergency.
Don't take out an equity loan on your house they expire after 15 years and the bank can call the loan at any time. In order to get the equity loan you will have to pay for an appraisal, origination fees, and closing costs.

If you want to invest for long term appreciation, it's better to purchase a quality mutual fund, set up the dividends & capital gains as a drip and over a 15 year period you will have doubled your money. Mutual funds only require $2500 to start. You'll sleep better with mutuals rather than individual stocks.

In order to increase your retirement accounts, every time you and husband get a pay increase take half of the net and put it into your 4