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Subject:  Re: The American Middle Class Is No Longer the W Date:  4/30/2014  8:48 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  57152 of 116921

Charlie:"Which is stupid from a supply standpoint. There is a finite supply of fossil fuels, so why not explore other options -"

We've been 'exploring' alternative fuels since the 1970s. Likely before you were born....from what I can tell.

In that time, every ethanol company has gone bust without exception.

In that time, no viable sources of 'alternative fuels' have been found that don't require massive amounts of fossil fuels to make.

In that time, every 'greenie company' backed by greenie Obama has gone bust, including Solyndra, A123 Battery, Fisker Cars, a dozen other car companies, at least, every 'battery company', the offshore wave energy projects (both of them).....and all the solar companies in the manufacturing end. every one of them.

10 years of throwing a trillion dollars at greenie projects and nothing to show.

Windmills (made from fossil fuels)....running and costing 35% more or greater for electricity.....

Solar panels...3 times the cost of other energy

In the past 20 years, Obama and the liberal drones have removed half the existing water power in the US...taken out dams back east by the near 100 on small rivers, taken out major dams out in the Pacific Northwest..... and is taking some out in California.....

But...what can you say? The greenies really want you to freeze in your eco-hovel as they sit in their multi million dollar houses in the LA basin, not having much need of heat or a/c.....or figure they'll get federal energy subsidies to live off.....

When you come to me and say, hey, I'm running my car on fuel or electricity that is 100% fossil fuel, that took no fossil fuels to make ti, and you can drive on roads that have no concrete or asphalt in them (fossil fuels) and made from 100% fossil fuel materials.....then you have a plan.

Otherwise, you have a pipe dream.


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