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Subject:  Re: The American Middle Class Is No Longer the W Date:  5/1/2014  9:23 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  57164 of 116881

1poorguy:"Heh. It's what's happening, alright. I can't disagree. But "getting used to it"...well, we won't have much choice. Millions will die. Trillions of dollars will be lost. But, oh well...cost of doing fossil fuel business, eh? "

The economy stalled and Baracki and the libs blamed it on 'a cold winter'. They forgot to mention that the record blizzards, low temps were all caused by the non-existent global WARMING!..he he he

And now.....?

Did you see the nice program on the Sahara yesterday on PBS? 10,000 years ago, the climate 'shifted'. The green Sahara savanna, which had elephants and hundreds of varieties of animals, had swamps and rainfall in the 100 inches a year category, with rain all year long, and it supported over 200,000 people.

In less than a generation, the Sahara went from a land of plenty into a total desert and the population went from 200,000 or more (maybe even a million) with large cities...down to less than 2 or 3 thousand - within a single generaton.

of course, we all know that is because they used too many carbon based fuels. Must have been burning a lot of bio mass to 'warm up' the planet....probably a million people died as they were forced to migrate south or fight each other for the remaining resources..and of course 'south' was already occupied , so it was the more vicious aggressive who secured the land and resources and the others just died.

all because they likely burned too much biomass, obviously. It had to be. Why else would there be 'climate change'? Must have been man made global warming!....10,000 years ago!.....right? millions died? You mean the people weren't warned that burning too much animal dung and biomass would cause their extinction?

gimme a break.

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